Prophy Magic Pointed Tapered Brush Dinky Angles Buy 300 Get 100 Free


Prophy Magic Pointed Tapered Brush Dinky Angles Buy 300 Get 100 Free

Note: This product is a bundle. A quantity of 1 will select 3 packs of angles with a 4th for free!

  • Mini head provides better access
  • Ideal for heavy stain removal
  • Great for ortho cleanings and applications
  • Provides access to oclusal pits and fissures
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    Introducing Prophy Magic Pointed Tapered Brush Dinky Angles Buy 300 Get 100 Free, the dental professional’s secret weapon for achieving precision and excellence in prophylaxis procedures. Engineered with precision and crafted for optimal performance, these innovative dental brushes are a must-have for every dental practice.

    Prophy Magic Pointed Tapered Brush Dinky Angles

    Key Features:

    • Pointed Tapered Design:
      The unique pointed and tapered bristle design of Prophy Magic ensures access to hard-to-reach areas, allowing for thorough cleaning and polishing of tooth surfaces. This precision is crucial for maintaining optimal oral health.
    • Premium Quality Bristles:
      Crafted from high-quality materials, the Prophy Magic brushes boast durable and flexible bristles that efficiently remove plaque and stains without causing any damage to tooth enamel or soft tissues. The brushes are designed to deliver consistent results, making them a reliable choice for dental professionals.
    • Versatility in Application:
      Whether you’re performing routine cleanings or tackling more complex prophylaxis procedures, these Dinky Angles offer versatility in application. The pointed design allows for targeted cleaning, making them ideal for orthodontic patients and challenging interdental spaces.
    • Ergonomic Design:
      Prophy Magic brushes are designed with the comfort of both the practitioner and the patient in mind. The ergonomic handle provides a secure grip, ensuring precise control during procedures. This thoughtful design enhances overall efficiency and reduces fatigue during extended use.
    • Sterilizable and Autoclavable:
      Committed to maintaining the highest standards of infection control, Prophy Magic brushes are sterilizable and autoclavable. This feature ensures a safe and hygienic tool for every patient, promoting the highest level of cleanliness in your dental practice.
    • Professional-Grade Performance:
      Trusted by dental professionals worldwide, Prophy Magic Pointed Tapered Brush Dinky Angles deliver professional-grade performance that exceeds expectations. Elevate your prophylaxis procedures with these innovative brushes that prioritize precision and patient satisfaction.

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    Weight 4 lbs
    Dimensions 9 × 7 × 3 in


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