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Welcome to Medidenta, your premier partner in revolutionizing dental practices. As a trusted supplier of top-tier dental equipment, we take pride in the acclaim we receive from our esteemed customers in the dental industry. Our testimonials speak volumes, echoing the satisfaction and success of DDS, DMD, MS, and other distinguished professionals who have chosen Medidenta for their equipment needs. Explore the voices of our satisfied clientele below, as they share their experiences and affirm the excellence that sets Medidenta apart. Join the ranks of dental practitioners who have elevated their practices with our innovative solutions and unwavering commitment to quality.

Dr. Adam Persky


I have been buying and using Medidenta handpieces and endo products for over 20 years. They are all awesome products! Its great purchasing from Al and his superb team at Medidenta, as they really know their products, understand the technology and most important are ready to listen and work with the Dentist and their team. After your first experience purchasing any product from Medidenta you will be so satisfied you will ask them why they don’t sell more items. I highly recommend Medidenta for all your handpieces, all handpiece repairs and especially all your endo needs.

Frank S. Sleder

DDS, LLC | Omaha NE

I really missed the Endotec II thermal compaction device, until I received the Root Buddy. I love this thing! When I use the heat mode I get as much extra gutta-percha compaction as when I used the Endotec II, but when I use the vibratory mode I get even further down the canal and can significantly more material. The gutta percha just seems to flow and fill the tooth remarkably better. This is a far better system to others I have tried. Root Buddy is the system to use.

Dr. Benjamin Neibaur

DMD | Draper UT

I bought three of the Medidenta Air Free handpieces for the occasional patient who takes an hour and a few carpules of lidocaine to remove their braces. Initially when I purchased the handpieces my staff and I were concerned at the heat we thought was being generated by the handpiece. Medidenta reached out to me after hearing about my concerns. Sent me the correct burs which I like better and heat problem is resolved. Thanks to Medidenta for the great customer service and great handpiece. My patients and I are grateful!

Dr. Karl Koerner

DDS, MS | Draper UT

The foresight 45 surgical handpiece satisfies the requirement to not endanger patients by forcing air into the surgical field but at the same time is very doctor-friendly with its high torque, direct LED light, and ergonomic feel.

Matt Freeman

DDS, MS | San Jose CA

I first learned about Medidenta when I met Trent at a PCSO meeting. He introduced me to a great debonding kit option that they offer. The slow speed motor with contra angle pushbutton attachment is incredibly versatile, addressing just about all of our needs in an orthodontic office. The high torque motor delivers tremendous control while removing adhesive and performing IPR with virtually no vibration, reducing discomfort to the patient. The handpiece seems very well-built and comfortable to handle. I had purchased one kit at the meeting and loved it so much that I called Trent back one week later to order four more. Trent is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.

Dr. Calbert Lum

DDS | Honolulu HI

The elite motors from Medidenta are the best slow speed handpieces I have ever used. I have practiced for 43 years and I have gone through a number of different brands

Oleg E. Eisenstein

DMD, CAGS | Woodstock GA

I am extremely impressed by the performance of the AirFree90 Handpieces. They are very light and comfortable, deliver amazing torque, and with no air hitting the tooth, are sensitivity free to the patients. My patients are a lot more comfortable and that makes my day.

David A. Chenin

DDS, MSD | Henderson NV

With the excitement that their orthodontic treatment is complete, many patients dread the actual braces removal procedure. How can you make one simple change to revolutionize patients’ experience for braces removal? Don’t use a handpiece that expels ice-cold air on their teeth! With traditional handpieces, this patient sensitivity is especially true in orthodontics, where the teeth are not anesthetized, have enlarged PDLs, and as a result, are more cold-air reactive with sensitivity from recent orthodontic tooth movement. Medidenta’s 90-degree handpiece does NOT expel air from the head of the handpiece. Instead, the air is directed out of the rear of the handpiece away from the patient. Thus, the Air-Free 90 degree has become my favorite handpiece ever. It’s also important to note that this powerful titanium-coated handpiece is built rock solid and generates an ultra-smooth high-speed polishing action. As a result, vibrations on the tooth surface are eliminated making for a more comfortable experience as compared to traditional handpieces. Here are some tips for using the Air-Free handpiece:

  • When removing adhesive/cement, use a short stroking movement while lifting up the bur and guiding it across the area with adhesive. This allows the tooth to cool and is the single most important control factor to reduce any heat generated. Letting off the rheostat as you move from tooth to tooth is also very helpful.
  • Avoid stone burs for complete removal of adhesive due to heat buildup.
  • Less friction and heat is generated with carbide burs.
  • Consider using fewer fluted carbide burs for the initial adhesive removal (e.g., 12 fluted) and then using a higher
    fluted bur (e.g., 30 fluted carbide) gently across the upper anterior teeth as the last step to eliminate bur marks and to give high luster and shine.
  • Know your bur design: Spiral flutes are designed to give a smoother finish and act as if they had more flutes. This tends to increase surface area/friction and generate a little more heat and remove adhesive a little more slowly. Straight fluted burs (compared to the same number of flutes in a spiral fluting design) will remove the adhesive more quickly because of how the flutes are spaced apart and result in less heat generation and time-savings, but they do not have as smooth as a finish.
  • To further control cold or heat, suction closer or farther from the tooth depending on patient feedback. Significant time-saving has been seen during my braces removal appointments because of fewer pauses due to sensitivity issues, and a much better patient experience is the result.

Dr. Ron Kaminer

DDS | Hewlett NY

I have been a Medidenta customer for many years. Their products have never disappointed me. Outstanding products, outstanding prices, outstanding people.

Dr. Mellissa Santilli

Owner Of Honey Dental | Cross Roads TX

Working with Medidenta has been a wonderful experience. They have very slick and competitive products from Japan and Germany at a much more affordable price than other companies. They really focus on customer service and making sure your order is customized to your practice needs and requirements. Mr. Alfred Perez would take the time to personally make sure my order is delivered quickly and accurately. You can tell he is very knowledgeable and passionate about hand-pieces and can help you understand short terms and long term pros and cons of each style. The company also caters to your practice changes as your practice matures, Medidenta helps you plan out effective ways to transition your hand-pieces in a cost effective way. You will be happy to work with a company you can count on to deliver high quality products with great customer service. We order every year from them and will continue to do so in the future. Feel free to call my office with questions about our experiences with this company.

William R. Newell

DMD, Board Certified Orthodontist | Jefferson GA

The Meditorque slow-speed handpieces are the best we’ve ever used, at any price. They are truly a workhorse in our practice and have held up extremely well. Whether we’re doing IPR, polishing adhesive, or adjusting an acrylic retainer, they are always up to the task. If you’re looking for a handpiece with a great balance of speed and torque, yet quiet and smooth at the same time, look no further.

Dr. Vincent Tiller

DDS | Bristol TN

I have been sourcing my endo products from Medidenta for nearly 20 years. They have always delivered a high quality product at a reasonable price.

Barry M. Rubenstein


I have known and used Medidenta for at least thirty years. I have been completely satisfied with their professionalism, attentiveness and quality of products. I have ONLY bought ALL my high speed handpieces, turbines and low speed handpieces from Medidenta. They make a quality product and they back up their products. Their repair service is outstanding.

Howard S. Glazer

DDS, FAGD | Fort Lee NJ

Warning: The new Atom handpiece is the bomb! ( Sorry, but i couldn’t resist the pun.) Kidding aside, this unbelievably lightweight and slim air-driven handpiece is incredible in its cutting ability; you can use it all day without experiencing any hand fatigue, and the handpiece does not get hot. The Atom is quiet, has 16.5 watts of power, and has a micro head for greater visibility and increased access in those patients, both adult and children, who have small vertical opening.

Dr. Donna Ebert

DDS, MDS | Fort Collins CO

I absolutely LOVE the Air Free Handpieces!!! We used to blow warm air when using a regular handpiece to make the procedure more comfortable. With the Air Free Handpieces, my patients are SO much more comfortable. Also, it is the smoothest handpiece I’ve ever used. Removing glue is like cutting through butter.

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Basic CBCT Interpretation of Common Findings for the Busy Dental Practitioner

This lecture and hands-on course, will provide the attendees with the most common radiographic lesions that are presented in children, adolescents, and adults. The seminar will use case-presentation as the learning and discussion format and will cover the entire spectrum of oral radiology in dentistry. Topics such as radiation safety, digital radiology, CBCT in dentistry, radiographic interpretation and common radiographic lesions will be covered in detail. 

Attendees will need to bring their own laptop to be used during the course.  

After attending this seminar, the participant will be able to: 

  • Understand the importance of “building” a differential interpretation in radiology 
  • Learn the most common radiographic lesions in children, adolescents, and adults 
  • Learn the indications of CBCT and more important, learn the basic interpretation of common CBCT findings 
  • Understand the importance of radiation safety in the practice of dentistry

Continental Breakfast & Lunch are included on both days.

The Newest Advancements in Restorative Care & Anesthesia Technology

Learn more about the first flexible, durable, esthetic crown and the newest electronic local anesthetic delivery system.  

Join us for an interactive hands-on workshop with some of the newest and leading restorative and anesthetic products on the market. This course will give clinicians the opportunity to review real cases, learn the science behind each product, and get hands-on preparation time and experience.    

Attendees are encouraged to bring their loupes for the hands-on course. 

After attending this seminar, the participant will be able to: 

  • Learn the express preparation techniques to place BioFlx and Stainless-steel crowns.  
  • Learn the clinical benefits of NeoPutty MTA and NeoLiner LC as well as the cost-saving techniques for pulpotomies and indirect pulp caps.  
  • Understand the benefits of the intraosseous technique compared to traditional injections.  
  • Learn the ins and outs of NuSmile’s painless injection systems with their proprietary Effitec needles. 

Continental Breakfast & Lunch are included on both days.  

Cocktail Reception on Friday from 7-10pm. Attendees and a plus one are invited to join us for food, cocktails and fun overlooking the Las Vegas Strip!